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Szuro-Trade Group

The Szuro-Trade Ltd. has started operating in July 1996 as a family business. The main activity of the company is the production of agricultural products (mostly grain and oilseeds) and their wholesale. The typical direction of our export is mainly the EU member countries. The size of the land, which is cultivated by our company is nearly 5.000 ha. In the last 3-5 years, our company was always in the TOP 100 list and this confirms the dynamic development of our group. The 15 years history of our company reflects our philosophy, which is the continuous development.


The central administration site for the members of our group is a building in the Nyíregyháza Industrial Park, which is the property of SPLC-E Ltd.

Main activities of our group members:

  • at our sites (in Nyíregyháza-Mandabokor, Nyíregyháza Tokaji street, Beszterec, Demecser, Mezőszemere) we are dealing with crop buying, drying and warehousing (
  • we are dealing with national and international transportation with our 23 pcs truck fleet
  • at our premise in Beszterec, Phylazonit bacterial manure is being manufactured (,
  • In 2003, we founded a producer group, GOF Hungary Ltd., which is one of the most significant commercial enterprises in this region. ( Our mill at Dunaföldvár is also connected to the GOF Hungary Ltd, where we produce high quality wheat flour and other byproducts
  • In 2011 our wood briguettes plant was inaugurated in Beszterec, where we produce WOOD O2 wood briguettes throughout the year, which has high calorific value. These briguettes are used for heating at home by more and more people in the country and abroad.  ( (


 This division is dealing with manufacturing of wood chips for power plant beyond the briguette producing.


  • At our premise in the Industrial Park, we operate car and truck service and testbase for individuals and corporate partners as well (



Valéria Lövei, Ágnes Kondorné Gulácsi

phone:        +36-42/547-700

fax:              +36-42/547-701






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