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Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county:

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county can be found in the northeastern part of Hungary. The population of the county is about 600 thousand people. The geographic characteristic of the county, that it lies next to 3 countries: Ukraine, Slovakia and Romania. There are few large companies in this county, but the number of small- and medium sized enterprises increases dynamically. The main fields of industry are: food-, beverage- and tobacco manufacturing, manufacturing of textiles, clothing, leather and leather products, engineering and other manufacturing, installation and repair of industrial machines and equipments, furthermore production of rubber, plastic and precious metal products. The well-educated, young and relatively cheap human resources, the availability of trainable workforce, the advanced insfrastructure and the European cultural and natural environment staisfy all claims of the investors.

Throughout the county, there is available land for industrial development and operating industrial parks as well. The LOGIN Park of Nyíregyháza is an outstanding park, which provides fully developed infrastructure, excellent road and railway links and favorable business environment for the investors. The county is the eastern gate of the much discussed EU, which opens to the emerging market of Eastern Europe. The commercial and financial centre of this gate is Nyíregyháza.



Nyíregyháza is situated near the north-easter border of Hungary, the easiest way to reach it from Budapest is the M3 motorway. It is a county town since 1990 with a population of over 119 thousand people. It is the 7th largest city in Hungary and the 2nd most important city of the Észak-Alföld region (following Debrecen). Its dynamic and spectacular development is unbroken since the 18th century. Nyíregyháza is the economic and cultural engine of the region and it is also an attractive tourist destination.

Nyíregyháza is an important hub of the no. 5 traffic routes of the European Union between Trieste and Kyiv, it is the first significant city of the European Union from the East. Owing to its strategic location, the presence of foreign capital is continous and its role is increasing in the economy and employment in Nyíregyháza.

Nyíregyháza has an operating industrial park on more than 100 acres since 1997, where the factories of LEGO and Electrolux are employing more than 1000 people and other domestic and foreign-owned small and medium sized enterprises, which are dealing with production activities. The industrial park is operated by the 100% municipality-owned Nyíregyháza Industrial Park Ltd., and it provides work for approximately 4000 employees. Michelin Hungary Ltd. plays a major role in the economy of the city and it is a significant employer, as well as several commercial companies and food industries have an important role in the labor market.






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