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Nyíregyháza Logistic Centrum Ltd.


The Nyíregyháza Logistic Centrum Ltd. has opened a new customs yard in the Industrial Park. Our premise can be found 1 km far from the exit of the new motorway, which is under construction. The main profile of the company is logistics service and our two main activities are custom agency and warehouse logistics.



Services of the custom agency:

Local custom clearance with simplified procedure.

The custom clearance is made withouth the involvemenet of the Central Customs Office. The administration of the accompanying documents is implemented without our own stamp and custom steal of the logistics. 

Electronic custom clearance, authorized sender and receiver

The custom clearance of the transporting vehicle is made electronically, so we can start and recibve shipments without the customs offieces. With this method, the transporting vehicle becomes avaible sooer and clients recieve their goods more quickly.

Public customs warehouse with simplified procedure

In the public customs warehous, anyone can store their goods. The stored goods ara not loaded with VAT or custom duties - expect whwn placing them on market for community area.

VAT warehouse

In the VAT warehouse, people with community VAT numbers can trade witouth VAT.

Suretyship with licences.

With the permission of the National Customs and Finance Guard, we can guarantee for the amount of duties after the goods, which was cleared by our clients. In our office, it is possible to use the services of OTP customs desk and pay the custom duties by cash.

Our company has 12 000 m2 storage capacity in the Nyíregyháza Industrial Park. The 10.000 m2 warehouse is isolated into 8 rooms, and each of the rooms are 1250 m2. This warehouse makes possible the rented warehousing for normal goods, manual and mechanical material handling and freight organizing activities, beyond the above mentioned public custom and VAT warehousing services.

Our warehouse is perfect for both short- and long-term storage of goods, for support of distributional activities, for organizing transshipments and other logistical support for the handling of materials and products.


Contact :           

GáborTóth                                                                                                                                                                                            Logistical director

address:            4400 Nyíregyháza, Industrial Park

phone:.              +36-30/488-50-06






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