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Marso Ltd.

Tire and auto service network

The company, which owes its reputation to fairness and human attitudes.

The MARSO company has a significant role in domestic tire market and its owners are Hungarian as well.  They have the highest revenue among the companies, who are involved only in tire merchandising and not in production. They serve their customers in eighteen cities on twenty-three premises through their national network. They employ more than one hundred people in their centre in Nyíregyháza.

During the past 23 years, the MARSO company has achieved great success in the field of wholesale trade beside the export and import activities. They dominate more than 20% of the market of tires for passenger cars and trucks. In the field of agricultural tires, they have more than 50% from the market share. The MARSO company provides high quality tire range for almost every kind of vehicles with competeitive prices. Additionally, they provide this wide range from one of the largest stock in the country, which is available easily and quickly - even at our webshop -

According to the developments of the past few years, the MARSO company has built its nationwide car service and retail network to be able for full service of the customers. In this network, they provide fast car-service and other auto diagnostical services beyond tire selling and service.

In the brand improving activity of MARSO, the most important task for the company is to achieve trust and satisfaction and to retain them. The well-trained and dedicated staff of the company had a great role in the achieved success, because the company maintains personal contact with its customers through the employees. This is the quickest and most effective way to be informed about the opinions regarding the brands.

The MARSO company has launched the so called „MARSO Klub” loyalty program, which is unique in Europe. It is a discount program, based on kilometers especially for drivers. Car owners can reduce the maintenance costs of their car with this membership, because the more kilometers you put to your car, the more discount you can get at the MARSO services.

The social responsibility was always important for MARSO. Since the company base can be found in Nyíregyháza, its owners pay a great attention for supporting of certain foundations and organizations in the county. Among them the basketball club of Nyíregyháza and the Móricz Zsigmond Theatre stand out, as the MARSO company is their main sponsor.

The company considers the safety of transport very important, so in 2013 they founded its team, called "MARSO Angels". In this team 3 graduate ladies work on the improvement of transport morale of the Hungarian roads. The slogan of the MARSO Angels is: "We take you under our wings on the roads"

The main principles at the MARSO company are the correctness, reliability and the good relationship with the resellers, the fleets and the users as well. The mission of the company is to be known as a fair business partner in the public consciousness through its professional functioning and human attitudes.

The MARSO won the Superbrands award in 2012 and 2013. We believe that the qualification, that was won by our brand, gives us not only security, but provides guarantee for our customers and partners in their everyday choices.

These awards and the more than two decades long work of our company represent, that such business success can be achieved only by seeking of mutual satisfaction and long-term, high-quality relations.





Rita Csákiné Hegedűs,                                                                                                                                                                     marketing director

address:       4400 Nyíregyháza-Rozsrét, P.o.B.: 251.

phone:          +36-42/490-000

fax:                +36-42/ 490-001






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