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LEGO Manufacturing Ltd.

The history of the LEGO Group dates back until 1932, when Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish joiner decided to dedicate his life to the toy production. In the late 1940s, he revolutionized the moulded plastic blocks in the toy industry. Since then, these blocks have become world famous as LEGO and the company is still owned by the Christiansen family.

Four factories try to fulfill the increasing productional demands of the company, which has a deep-rooted tradition. Besides the centre in Denmark, factories can be found in the Czech Republic, Mexico and in Hungary, where the blocks are manufactured. LEGO Group is present in the Hungarian market since 1992, the LEGO Manufacturing Ltd. of Nyíregyháza is producing in the Nyíregyháza Industrial Park since 2008.

As a result of developmental investments, the innovation is continuous at the LEGO Manufacturing Ltd. and due to these innovations the capacity of the company expanded significantly over the years. The producing basis at Nyíregyháza continously exceeds the targets and results in additional profits and this basis contributed to the great success of the LEGO Group. Nowadays, the company provides jobs and competitive salaries for 1250 people. 

The speciality of the LEGO factory in Nyíregyháza is the production of the DUPLO blocks for the small children from the moulding to the packaging. About 70 000 boxes are manufactured from this type of product per day.

Because of the continuous expansion of production, the establishment of a bigger factory became necessary. The construction of this new factory has started within the frames of a greenfield investment on the outskirts of Nyíregyháza. The new factory is being built within the framework of an investment of 200 million euro and at the same time new jobs will be created. According to the latest plans, about 250 new workers will be employed at the new factory. After this expansion, the LEGO Manufacturing Ltd. will have about 1500 employees, which provides jobs and long-term career opportunities for the people who live and work in this region.


Some featuring data:

Land area:                     168.000 m2

Buildings:                      38.000 m2

Warehouses:                 12.000 m2

Producing area:             13.500 m2

Packaging area:            17 million boxes/year

Moulding area:             356 machnines

Number of employees:           1250 people



address:          4400 Nyíregyháza, Debreceni út 342.

phone:            +36-42/505-000 


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Nyíregyháza Ipari Park Ltd.
H-4400 Nyíregyháza, Kossuth Place 1.
PO Box 305.




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