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Electricity:                    - the available capacity is 14MW, which can be expanded if needed

                                       - the distance from the transformer station within the park is max.700m

Gas:                                - the available capacity is 2600 m3/h, which can be expanded if needed

Sewage:                        - the available capacity of the sewage system is 2100 m3/day, which can be expanded if needed

Drinking water:           - the available capacity of the existing system is 2500 m3/day, which can be expanded if needed

Storm water:               - its draining to the flood water system can be solved by a collection system

Fire protection:           - with fire water storage

Telephone network:  - analog, ISDN, ADSL and leased lines. Broadband internet connection and mobile services are


Internal road network   - It will be 2x1 lanes, it is designed with capacity of 40 tons

The management and collection of municipal and hazardous waste are solved according to EU standards.


Nyíregyháza is connected to the economic life of the country by the means of roads and railways. The no. 5 European transport corridor passes through the city, which will connect Trieste to Kyiv. M3 motorway is an important section of the corridor, which is 1,5 km far from the industrial park. Nyíregyháza Airport is about 8 km from the city centre.

Nyíregyháza is situated next to two national railway lines. The Budapest-Nyíregyháza-Záhony line connnects Hungary and Western Europe to the old Soviet Uniot, which is today Russia and Ukraine. The other line is Budapest-Nyíregyháza-Miskolc. The nearest railway station is in Nyíregyháza within 4km.       

The airport of Nyíregyháza is about 8 km from the city centre, and it has one of the most advanced control technology between Hungarian airports. It is also suitable for landing at night and during low lightning conditions. Business jets with 25 people can land at the airport. The nearest international airport is about 50 km far, the AIRPORT-DEBRECEN Ltd, offering regular services to various parts of the world.

Tokaj is about 34 km far from Nyíregyháza and it is a centre of the river shipping. The transportation of goods can be solved on the river in our county.




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