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Our company started the production of cavitation boilers in February 2013. The refinement of the opearting principle of cavitation boilers and the design of the products are the results of the R&D activities of the company. The patenting and classification of the products are in progress with the help of the complete and working prototypes. The products of the company utilize the cavitation phenomenon of the fluids very efficiently. The high speed rotation of the revolving body reduces the pressure under the steam pressure, and then the suddenly increased pressure crushes the steam bubble which results in enormous heat release. This thermal energy heats up the water.

The prototype was presented on several international trade fairs, where especially German and Turkish construction companies have indicated their interest and pre-contracts were signed to carry a significant amount of boilers. The initiation of these activities and the starting of the export activities results in significant revenue for the company and it provides constant supplier opportunities for 3 SMEs.  Beside these export activities, the company is dedicated to sell 20-30% of the produced boilers in the domestic market, in order to acclimatize this cheap and environmentally friendly heating and hot water producing technology on the Hungarian market.

The company has built its production hall in 2011 with the help of MPA support furthermore the metalworking machines were obtained from NFA and GOP resources to start the production. In connection with the previously mentioned supports, the company could give job for 40 people in January 2013, including 2 engineers and 3 managers. The additional number of employees has been uploaded with registered unemployed (with relevant professional qualifications).


The versatility of the usage of cavitation boilers:

  • Modernization of heating systems in real eastates with significant cost-saving.
  • It can be built into social container block, which provides cultured heating, sanitary and water supply within nomadic conditions. The machine heats the container and provides hot water and it is able to produce drinking water from bacterial water. It can operate from an aggregator or solar panel without an inverter.
  • It kills all bacteriums and pathogens in the water and it is capable for the utilization of infected water resources.
  • It produces soft water, so it can be used in pharmaceuticals and soft drink manufacturers.
  • It is capable to produce not only 65°C water, but 110°C as well, so it can be used in dairy industry for cheap pasteurization, but in this case not the heat but the cavitation "explosions" cause the pasteurizetion.
  • In swimming pool technology it is suitable for water heating, water softening and for disinfecting.
  • Cavitation heat generator
  • At least 30% savings in heating cost!
  • 100% environmentally friendly.

The system - which was developed and perfected for more than 6 years - is the first technology in the world, that is capable to use the cavitation phenomenon without any harmful side effects and it offers a solution to many problems.

  • Ensures the heating of buildings without the usage of any fossil energy
  • It produces clean, sweet drinking water without the usage of chemicals.
  • It ensures the hot water supply for whole buildings.
  • It can be used for water heating, softening and disinfectioning at the same time
  • The installation of the equipment does not require any approval process.
  • The installation of the equipment can be solved without any specialists.
  • The equipment can be operated all over the world with the help of solar panels or batteries.                               

One of the biggest problems of our time is to satisfy the increased energy and drinking water needs of our rapidly developing society. Many of the everyday equipment (boilers, water heaters) try to satisfy the needs of households with the usage of fissil energy (gas, fuels).

The production and delivery of drinking water to the people is very difficult, in some countries it is almost impossible. In the big cities the wastewater treatment can be realized by the help of large quantities of chemicals.

The disadvantages of these solutions are that because of the large amount of burned fossil fuels toxic substances are released into the atmosphere. This increases the greenhouse effect, which leads to climate change with unpredictable consequences. In addition, during the burning of gas the badly installed equipment are explosive and the dysfunctional chimneys can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Advantages of the cavitation boiler:

  • There is no need of redesign and authorization procedure, court fees, contribution to the development of public utilities, chimney building and chimney fees.
  • the heating of a 150 m2 flat can be provided with only 6 kW/h consumption.
  • Its synchronous engine is noise-free, water-cooled and energy efficient.
  • The system is long-lasting and non-resonant.
  • 10 years warranty
  • It can be installed easily.
  • At least 30% cost saving in heating.
  • 100% environment friendly. There is no flame, so it does not produce any gas and does not emit harmful substances, so there is no danger of CO poisoning.
  • It can be connected to solar panels.



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Bernadett Felföldi                                                                                                                                                                                     tender officer

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